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CEO, Andy Smith/Nina Woodard Featured on Small Business Stories Podcast Monroe Chamber Of Commerce

CEO, Andy Smith & Nina Woodard Featured on The Small Business Stories Podcast (Ep. 16) "Connecting Businesses Through Print Media" With Louisiana Catalyst and The Monroe Chamber of Commerce - Monroe, LA (President Roy Heatherly & Quentin Durr)

Small businesses are the lifeblood of any community. However, succeeding in a constantly evolving market can be intimidating and challenging, especially for small enterprises. To connect these businesses with the right resources and solutions is the topic of the latest Small Business Stories episode. The episode features Louisiana Catalyst and The Monroe Chamber of Commerce, who took the time to discuss the power of print media in connecting small businesses. Our guests for this podcast were Andy Smith, CEO of Louisiana Catalyst, and Nina Woodard, the Public Relations Director of ASGE. Read on to learn about their thoughts and ideas about small business connection and the spot of print media in it.

Small businesses can't only depend on digital media and social networking. They must make the most of print media such as flyers, brochures, direct mail, and most of all, NEWSPAPERS to maintain and increase their customer base. Smith highlights to Louisiana Catalyst that they specialize in supporting small businesses. They tie together print media, digital technology, and trade exhibition participation to create personalized marketing plans for small businesses. With this trio, businesses will have an effective way to reach their specific target audience with a message that is accessible and creative.

Print media still represents an incredible way for small businesses to lure in new clients. A unique design and simple message can be employed to stand out from the competition. Woodard stresses that print is far from dead and can still deliver the intended message through tangible media such as pamphlets and direct mail. She emphasizes the significance of establishing brand recognition through public relations and the necessity of integrated marketing strategies to make the most of combined communication channels which ultimately connects the community.

The episode goes on to show how Louisiana Catalyst and The Monroe Chamber of Commerce can assist small enterprises in Southern Louisiana who don't have the resources to manage a marketing campaign by themselves. By employing print media in their overall marketing plan, Smith and Woodard explained how small businesses may become more competitive locally. Connection is the foundation of support and sustainability among small businesses. Utilizing print media is just one way to connect with customers, but it is a big one. Entrepreneurs in the industry must not ignore traditional marketing strategies and join forces with experienced campaigners in iConnect, ASGE, Louisiana Catalyst and The Monroe Chamber of Commerce to succeed. For more information, visit:


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