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      Do you ever wonder sometimes what’s on the mind of God? Or, do you ever take time to ask Him about His thoughts when it comes to your life and purpose? Well, I do. I have experienced some amazing encounters in my life and I’ve concluded that life is made easier if it’s lived in the Glory Realm. I understand some may be thinking, “how can you can you live in the Glory?”


Well, I’m glad you asked because that is the purpose for the revelation that will flow in this book.


     We often use the word “glory” as a noun that speaks to a place we journey to and embark upon. I want to introduce to you a revelation that God has given to me. After spending much time before the Lord, I believe He has broken this revelation down to the level that even a child can understand. My fellow readers, there are advantages and benefits of The Glory Realm. I sense that God will prepare your heart and spirit to receive a fresh impartation of knowledge and understanding concerning this experience. Something Big Is About To Happen For You.


     In this book, will reveal seven vital keys that I’ve learned over the years. These keys have helped me maintain a very consistent and effective flow when it comes to the presence of God. I must begin by warning you that “hearing” about the Presence of God is not the same as “carrying” the presence of God. Additionally, “carrying” the presence of God is not the same as “releasing” the presence of God.


     It is very possible to hear about God without housing God, and, it is possible to carry God’s presence and not release His presence. I’ve seen so many people only refer to His presence because of being in a general setting but never actually getting the opportunity to experience His presence. I promise you once you truly encounter the presence of God, it’s a proven fact that your life will never be the same.  I am overwhelmingly excited to take this journey with you, and, we look forward to hearing the testimonies that will come from your encounter as we Unlock the Presence of God.

Let Your Glory Be Revealed "7 Steps To Unlocking The Presence Of God"

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