Why would God take the time to create you if there wasn’t a need for you? I believe God is currently searching the earth looking for someone to show his power through. In the times we are living in it is evident that even through the tragedy, God is up to something. I am learning even more to trust His plan for my life even when I feel as if it doesn’t make sense.


The thing we need to understand is this, God’s plan for our life can only be activated when we decide that we ready to embrace the journey ahead. God doesn’t force anything against our will. This new book allows you to unveil the plans that have already be ordained for your life! Whew! Order It Today!

Life In The Now"How To Activate Your Purpose &Discover Your Potential"

  • Andy Smith Bio

    From the foundations of the world, it was predestined that Andy Smith be called into the Kingdom for such a time as this. God has taken a young, ordinary man and entrusted in him an extraordinary anointing through the avenues of Worship, Marketplace & Prophetic precision which are literally tearing down barriers & destroying the yokes of bondage across the world.​

    Smith is the author of seven books, the CEO of the I-Worship Network which is a fully-structured Marketing & Branding Firm that oversees two global magazines, I-Worship Magazine, Woman Arise Magazine and I-Connect Newspaper. Smith is currently pursuing his B.A. in Psychology.